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I traveled far and wide, and up, and down

In my oh sooo many beautiful lifetimes

I’ve seen so much, heard even more…

Walked quite a bit, then born once more

I danced with the wolves

And sang with many fairies

At one point I chilled with a whale

And fought with my friends… or was it my enemies?!

I lived in separation and desperation

Not knowing how much I adored me

I also loved and lived

Not yet seeing … the shine within me

I’ve seen the sun rise from the sea

And dive deep into the mountains

I got lost in the beauty of my creation

Only to find myself smiling in awe

Like a silly, silly slice from the cake of my adoration

I am here…. I am here…

I can not Not be here…

What a comedian I am…

Searching all this time

For what was always & already here.

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