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Helpful Instruments in Awakening

Some of the Instruments that you can use to gracefully assist you in your transformation.

- The Safe Space - a space created by choice, a gentle and welcoming space where everything is accepted, where you can really shine without any limits.

- Choice - we make choices all the time, and this creates our reality. Through choice we can move large quantities of energies, especially the stuck ones. I invite you to discover the gifts of the clear and conscious choices. It's that simple - Just make a choice and trust yourself that it will manifest in the most wonderful way possible. The answer or the manifestation of a choice can be something totally different than what we expect it to be, but with patience you will begin to see how it really works.

- Breathing - It's one of the most practical and most powerful non-mental instruments. Breathe deeply, from you belly and from your lungs, and the energies begin naturally and gently to balance themselves and to flow once again. There is no need for stress, there is no need for manipulation. You can enjoy the simple breathe and be amazed of how simply the energies that don't serve you anymore just dissolve away from you, from your life, helping you clarity flow in as it naturally does.

- Water (in different forms - for example: a bath with salt). The energies, this includes belief systems, can dissolve through the digestive system (if we allow them). The water can be a very powerful instrument that purifies very natural without manipulation, only by allowing. The Creator's way can be simple. And so I invite you to allow the water to serve you.

- Compassion - it's the total acceptance of all things. It's not mercy. The moment you accept a thing, a person, a circumstance, you get out of the picture and you can see a much clearer image and from many more perspectives. When you accept something you actually allow it to transform and to serve you in a new and amazing way.

- Imagination - it' much more than visualization. It's more about the state, the feelings and the emotions. It takes some time to get what it's all about, but with patience we begin to see how easy it is to transmute energy, to allow it to balance itself, just by using the imagination. Not by forcing it, but through allowing. Just choose to go deep within imagination, and trust yourself that it will happen. Then, just play with what you know now, and your choice will get you to another level.

- Outdoor/indoor movement - walking, running, etc. Listen to your body. How would it like to move? What would it like to experience? The time for extenuation is long gone (if you choose it). Love your body because it is part of you, and the presents that await you are some of the most wonderful!

- Toning, Making Music and Singing - move the energy especially through your voice. It doesn't have to be pretty, but it will be you expression, you heart's expression, and this is all that matters. This helps you to get out of patterns, out of the mind, out of habits, our of normal and it will facilitate you to listen to your inner voice much more easily.

- Expression - this moves a lot of energy. The feeling of manifesting an idea in this reality is one of the most wonderful things that a Creator can experience.

- Laughter - it does wonder! You don't need an exterior motive to laugh. Just try it and you'll see how good it feels! (after you pass the awkward part)

- Food - only what you love and what is in tune with your body. Ask your body before each culinary wonder what it wants to experience. You can do this even when you're out shopping. With patience, you'll create an incredible relationship with your body, and this is one of the most wonderful gifts ever.

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