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3 Months

dedicated to You

Allow in Grace

Receive with Joy

3 Months

dedicated to You

Realization is The journey of allowing You into your life, of falling in love with yourself and finally living the most special and amazing experience the human can ever have.

On this very colorful path all kinds of experiences await for you. Some are about bliss and beauty, others are about deep wisdom enveloped in dark aspects and traumas, wounds collected not only from this lifetime, but actually most of them over eons and eons of time, in the many lives of your Soul.

I know from personal experience how dreadful and energy draining some aspects can be. I banged my head quite a few times with some of them, played with a lot of them but I also understood the gifts they brought.

At one point I understood at a very deep level within my being what they were and how they worked. I allowed myself, after many years, to be clear and really allow the release and inevitable integration to take place.

Along the way, I also discovered the true gift of receiving assistance. There were only a few key moments in this life when I felt truly stuck and I’m so grateful and happy that I opened up and allowed a little bit of assistance.

Sometimes just a simple talk with a wise friend, with a different perspective, can make all the difference. Other times, breathing a bit with someone did the job.

No matter what, at one point I understood it was all my energy taking different shapes, bringing in these wise and amazing beings in my life. So I opened up even more. Eventually, I allowed the wisdom of me and there was no more need for assistance, but what a difference it had made! So much easier and more graceful.

And this is why I created this experience – 3 months dedicated to You

More than anything else it’s a commitment to yourself, to be with You, to allow You and to allow the graceful release and integration of your aspects.

All of this, together with my assistance, can become one of the most transformative experiences You can allow.

It Is All Up To You! It has always been and it will always be. How easy or how hard, how much allowing or how much battle you create in your story, only you get to decide.

My invitation is to experience this process in ease and joy, in wisdom and allowing. There are some inevitable head bangs, but they don’t have to be that many, for that long or that intense.

For more details I invite you to contact me for a live call.

Big Heart Hug and have a Clear Day!

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