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Welcome to A.I.P.D.
(the Anything Is Possible Dimension)

The waterfall and the cave

A place to release all that is stuck and see into past lives

The Theme Park

A magical place to integrate the inner child

The quiet mountains

Where every snowflake has a story

The Crystal Castle in the clouds

Discover what each room has to offer

What is the Anything IS Possible Dimension?

The AIPD is a new dimension which was created as a ‘playground’ of unlimited potentials for anyone choosing to live life to their grandest potentials… to be all that they are and do everything differently. It’s for those who choose to release the old behaviour patterns that limit abundance, healing, balanced relationships and self love. Most importantly, the AIPD can assist you in releasing the separation that has kept you in the belief that you are merely a human and not the divine spiritual being you truly are.

In the AIPD, through free imagination beyond mental limitations, you can experience anything you choose. You can play in numerous spaces created for your unique releases and expansions. You can find the answers and abilities to anything you choose. Once you have your experience, then it’s just a conscious choice to allow that new energy to come back into your physical realm with you so you can truly live it. You can feel the changes occurring in your physical life after just a few days of experiencing the freedom of self in the AIPD.

The AIPD experience isn’t a typical brief workshop… it’s a journey. The average workshop leaves you with some knowledge yet often, little personal shift. By immersing yourself into the AIPD for 3-4 months, you can potentially change every aspect of your physical life and truly connect with your Divine self. This time frame is recommended so you can truly move past the old behavioural patterns and into your own truth. It’s an immersion into you.

Remarkable?… Unbelievable?… actually it’s very easy… and incredibly joyful!…once you get out of thinking like a mere human. The mind was created just for human experiences, it’s limited. To leap through dimensions and create with new energies and potentials where Anything IS Possible, you have to feel from your expansive core awareness, from your divine intellect, your imagination… and then… just allow!

By going interdimensional, you can experience a grander array of new potentials. Once you make a clear choice for a particular new experience, you can consciously choose to bring that energy back with you to be experienced in the physical realm.

There is so much more to you than you think!…. you have to feel you!

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aipd 2

Understanding Inter-Dimensional Travel

People have been dimension leaping since time began… they just aren’t consciously aware of it.

Dimensions are places of experience away from the limitations of the human mind. Every feeling and experience we have creates a dimension. Some dimensions have a brief cycle, some are continually expanded upon. All dimensions, yours and others, are open to visitors and explorers. You explore dimensions unconsciously when you dream and day dream.

The easiest way to explain dimension leaping is: when someone creates a movie or a book, they create a dimension that brings the story to life. When you watch or read the story, you enter that dimension and feel into the experience. Often, when a movie or book ‘captures’ you, you feel changed, perhaps uplifted, inspired or excited. Those feelings occur because you brought the energy from that dimension back with you. That energy can then fuel your own expansion. If you feel a fear from an experience, that’s the mind trying to interpret something that’s new to you. The mind struggles with new potentials… the heart-self feels and embraces them.

Simply by your conscious choice to let your imagination fly, you can create a new dimension and consciously play in it or play in someone else’s. You can also choose to move in and out of any dimension and experience anything or anyone you choose. Grand artists, musicians and inventors of the past used to gain their wisdom and talents from what they learnt through expanding their imagination and consciously playing in other dimensions.

Imagination is the expression of spirit. Humanities imagination and creativity has been stifled for far too long. It’s time to bring it back and just play with the energies and potentials that surround us every day, yet go unseen by most.

For too long we’ve created mental dramas instead of allowing our natural sense of imagination to flow beyond human confines. Imbalanced choices can be a thing of the past. Concepts such as right or wrong, good and bad are mental tools and the mind isn’t active in the dimensions. It’s the feeling through the heart-self, the I AM self, that creates in the dimensions and brings the true balance of All That Is back into the physical.

What can I expect to experience in the AIPD workshop?

Your time spent immersed in the AIPD is fully supported by me. We will have either regular one-on-one sharing in person or via skype. There will also be regular group skypes with other students and teachers from around the world. (if available)

You will also be fully supported on our closed facebook page by the other AIP students and teachers. This has proved to be a very valuable tool.

When in the AIPD, you will also be supported by the continual guidance from one or more of our resident guides such as Yeshua, Adamus, Xena or Quan Yin to name a few.

Depending on your particular needs as they arise, specific creations will be created in the AIPD to support you. For example, there is a pool of rejuvenation, a space to feel into total abundance, another space to release fears and blocks. Activities are constantly created specifically for you to open your imagination, expand your awareness and embrace your truth.

You will be invited to keep a journal of your experiences. This not only helps you recognise your patterns, but also your changes.

After a few days you may experience a desire to change your diet. Fruit and juices seem to be favoured. Light exercise such as walking and stretches are recommended.

While in the AIPD, because you are spending the time to know and accept yourself at such deep levels, you may find that you choose to go out less and you may even choose to step back from certain relationships during your immersion.

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