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What others say - Testimonials

When I started this journey, I didn't know what was waiting for me, I had no way of imagining what would follow, but something in me told me to jump forward with all my soul. I felt that there was an urgent need for a change in my life and I knew that I needed someone's support. This is because after I had made a decision a few months ago, I found myself falling back into old patterns, the same habits, followed by the same guilt, followed by the feeling of despair, by the question - until when? and thinking that rather than continuing in this direction, it's better to end it now.

So I contacted Be, and when he told me about his "A month with you" program, I felt that this was exactly what I needed. He told me that we were going to spend a month together, that it was a return trip to me and... basically I had no idea what we were going to do, a month to be exact, but I said YES! And it was the best decision of my life. My life, which changed completely after, my life which only during this "one month with you" I managed to make it truly mine, namely a life that I am aware of, a life that I choose in every day, a life that I create every day, with every breath. Not a life lived from inertia, unconsciousness, from patterns taken from family and mass consciousness, not a life lived from fear, limitation and lack. I realized that I am truly the creator of my life, I realized and realized effectively how I created the prison in which I lived, I created every situation in my life, through the belief systems I had, the lack, limitation, by not trusting myself, I realized how everything was like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I saw how I am responsible for my creation and then I understood that I too can recreate it exactly as I want. I can paint it in whatever colors I choose. There were days of laughter, days of crying, days of laughing and crying at the same time, days of profound achievements and days when I forgot everything, and every day, Master Be was by my side, to remind me where I am, who I am, and why am I here.

I discovered how simple it is to create your life, to create the reality you live in and, at the same time, how difficult it is, especially when there are old patterns (hundreds of lives old), old and fixed beliefs, the consciousness of table, and Bogdan (Master Be) was by my side every second, with his stories, which I made him repeat to me every time I was in a lower pass, with his presence, with his wisdom and above all, with his gentleness and all his openness.

It helped me to come back to myself, to start loving myself, to appreciate myself, to believe in myself and to believe that I deserve everything I want! For that I am grateful to him from the bottom of my heart and I can say with my hand on my heart that the fact that I met him was the best thing that happened to me!

Of course, the fact that I wanted and was willing to do anything to change my life brought him into my life, and now my question is: are you ready, really ready, whatever it is and whatever it is - would it happen, to change your life and become the creator of your life?

- Elleyah Rose
"One Month with You" Experience

"I’ve always wondered how can I release the aspects in my life. And thought that the best way was to focus on them and spend so much of my time feeling them, hanging out with and getting to know them. And also fearing them though I wasn’t aware of that a the time. But this approach was accompanied with so much pressure and fear to the point that I didn’t want to know about them anymore. And felt like I couldn’t get away.

And I knew I needed to change that approach but I wasn’t very clear on how to do it. Until I met Master Be and his partner Elleyah and all their sessions on Actio helped me a lot to understand how to slow down and enjoy my embodied ascension process. Especially in the A sweet Journey into simply Relaxing and Allowing private session hosted by Master Be.

In that session I really experienced a level of relaxation and allowing that I’ve never felt before. Be guided us into the most relaxing, safe and intimate space that allowed me to meet my aspects in a different way. I allowed my soul to come closer to me and I invited her in all my being physical and non physical. She was in every molecule of my body and I was enjoying her company so much that I released so many aspects in that session. And she told me: see my dear, how easy it is when we are together. You don’t have to struggle or to focus so eagerly on those aspects or to fear them. All you have to do is allow our love to flourish and the energy will take care of the aspects. Finally, after months of worrying how to do it I let go of the believe of effort and understood how to release the aspects in the ease and grace way.

Is all about focusing my awareness in my love for my self and my creation. "

- Arleth Amador

The wonder team that reminds me of Norma and Garett. Elléyah Rose and MasterB. I shared with another dear one this sensing and he too feels the same. Strong presence of Quan Yin and Kuthumi, among others.😉

Conscious breath with MasterB takes you deep into essence of you. Beyond all BS. Deep relaxing and allowing. There you meet more of you. Soul just glides in and the blend of Human and Soul is Heavenly. This duo couple create a safe space and the opportunity to ground all in our own core. Our body as the chalice to receive the Divine with all it’s wisdom and truth. Yes, open, vulnerable and consciously aware that there no one else but you. Brings home into here now the resolution of being beyond all perceptions, excuses and expectations. Key sense that you are the creator and therefore responsible for all your creation. Constant reminders that is unique journey, that only when you are ready to choose it, it can be amazing. Note, it is you and only matter what! Sovereign creator and the passion of your creations. Personally it has incredible time. I have been down many paths with others, this couple's have a real down to earth approach, make it tangible and life changing. Spiritual falls away and reality becomes on going unfoldment of self. Seeing all the gifts clearly and having the compassion to accept and allow. Nowhere else to go or be. Grateful and Peaceful.

- Simone Merlina Gouveia

The meeting with Bogdan Onecic marks the end of the spiritual "searches"... you understand from the first minutes of the discussion that until now you have searched everything externally and not inside you at all... and you understand that you have no "fault" for this, only that then you were another man who is always looking for something "spiritual"... It was something special, a meeting where you call your soul HOME... forever. A meeting that clears up all the confusion of the mind, after which you step on a new road, in an area, in a space you've never been before... and if I add that everything happened in the most picturesque area in the country, in the land of Bucovina, anything else I would say is superfluous.....

- Bogdan Ionescu

After the experience "A Month with You"

When we choose to take a trip, no matter for what purpose, as a human being, you create certain expectations about how it will be or how far you will go. First you choose with the feeling, letting yourself be carried away by the joy of doing something for you and once the feeling has come you say to yourself “this is for me!”.

That’s how my journey with Bogdan started, intuitively, when he told me about the “a month with you/me” program, I knew that it suited me perfectly. In addition, there was something new, something wow, something that the mind still did not know how to interpret.

The journey of returning to yourself, to the authenticity of your being, is very special, and when you have the energetic support of a Master like Bogdan, the experiences you create at the soul level become even more intense and tangible. Everything flows beautifully and always in your flow. I appreciated and appreciate very much Bogdan’s determination and objectivity, always prioritizing my journey to me, all the moments spent with him, both as Master and Disciple, but also as traveling souls in this dimension of the Earth, were created so suitable for activating the buttons of the deepest emotional blockages in me. I recommend with all my heart and especially from my soul such an adventure, the “one on one” and “face to face” sessions bring great clarity, if you don’t know as a soul at the beginning of the initiation, surely the Master who will help you and it will support you even in the most insignificant (apparently insignificant) moments.

Bogdan is a kind of internal “reminder”, which does not let you pass over the voice that is heard behind the voice of the mind, takes you by the hand and places you back inside your being, determining you to say loudly and clearly everything what you feel, think or make noise in you, to describe your Aspects, these Aspects so tempting that make you the fool of your life, believing that it is YOU 😉

There will be many and very colorful experiences. If you want to succeed, load yourself with patience, tame your Ego, which stands ready to answer the Master, when he aims, looking you in the eyes, directly inside your being, redeeming fears, pains, delusions of the mind, etc. . Do not take anything personally, because it has nothing to do with the game of power, quiet the mind and pride, stubbornness and limitation, allow yourself to look at everything from a new perspective, it is an extraordinary gift that you you can offer in the presence of Bogdan.

There will be moments when you will feel low or blocked, they are only moments, they are only passing, under them are hidden vortices of energies that mix to arrange the journey according to the feeling of your soul.

The most difficult will be the moments when the deepest wounds will come to the surface, that’s how I perceived them. Their common denominator for me was “need for love”, first they came by triggering the suffering from the relationship with my ex-partner, then it opened like an energy tunnel, being carried even deeper towards the inner child and the relationship with my parents, especially with my mother, the lack of love becoming acutely accentuated, then you wake up naked in front of you and realize that the love with which you can fill yourself and stay fully in it, is self-love. The child in me was standing in front of me, with big, pure eyes, with an extraordinary gentleness, but with a devastating sadness, coming from the fact that I didn’t know how to love myself. I have never written a poem or a love song for myself. I always had time, space and it was easier to love others or to love someone, but less or not at all myself. As people, we believed that we get back what we offer, if we offer. More or less consciously, we offered a void, a need for love, and the other came with the same need, only in its form and expression. Everything became a great consumption of energy, one from the other, too little for each other. It’s hard to look at yourself with your own eyes, but this is where the gift of your journey appears, namely: Bogdan, with his presence, with his wisdom and even with his own experience from his rediscovery process, helps you so sweetly to comfort you, to integrate aspects and especially to open yourself to love, this time, the authentic one: self-love. The master will always be in agreement with the feeling of your soul, he can be firm or gentle, warm or cold, sometimes neutral or impersonal so that you wonder if he is still with you. Whatever form or destination the experience takes, don’t judge it, it serves you. It will help you get out of your mind! For me it is still the strongest “enemy” “blah, blah, blah”. 😉 hahaha! I write everything as it still is, and as it was, the experience can be very funny, joyful, “happy-happy/joy-joy”, we had a great time. It can also be gentle and soft, sweet-sweet. It can be sensual and passionate, but beyond your expectations. It’s different, it’s different, and it’s so simple, that at the end you’ll be surprised how you classified your “wow” in a banal throughout your life, because you didn’t have time for sensations, to smell, to taste, to feel, to explore every moment through I AM, not through “I would”, to expand in any other possible dimension for you.

There is a lot to say, the words are few and limited, but in our inner silence there is a lot to feel, a whole universe. Give yourself permission! There you will also feel my experience with Bogdan!

From the bottom of my heart, for you, I laid down this energy in several lines, to serve us all.

Thank you my dear, Master Bo, for this experience, for your gifts and especially for your patience!

I also thank myself for creating you here and now, so palpably, for a month with me, with you, in my life on Earth and in everything in time and space.

Cristiana R. (Me and I)

In this natural flow of life, it was not accidental and surprising for me to meet you 🙂 a master of joy, wisdom and self-love 🙂 the meeting with him was fantastic, I accepted with a heart full of enthusiasm to open up towards me and with every deep breath to know myself, to feel myself, to appreciate my merits and to love myself much more deeply...with love Radu!!!

It's possible, Bogdan, it really works... I'm so fulfilled I can't describe it in words 🙂

- Radu Maniu

It was a very beautiful and very good experience for me, because I realized that it is not good to be very passionate about what pleases me and what really represents me. I felt your love at a very deep level, you conveyed your warmth, your gentleness to me, you managed to make me understand how important it is to accept myself, to truly love myself by accepting myself completely, and then to- I can accept and love others without making compromises.

The energy that flowed there during the course was an incredible energy, an energy of love, a warm and sweet energy. I realized how wonderful and how important "conscious breathing" is. I can't express it very well in words, because as you say, such things are experienced, felt, deep and that's incredible!

We look forward to seeing you in Bucharest to experience such wonderful things again!

Two weeks have passed since the Love course. Such wonderful love, when you allow your heart to open and let love blossom here.

Maybe I'm at the beginning, because I still have so much to learn, but I'm starting to take steps on my way. There are so many things that I want to give up, to make room for love in my heart, for the joy of every moment. I miss so much joy and love...

And it is not easy to give up an old life, with all that it meant, both good and bad, to discover that the new one can be much more wonderful. That you can live freely, that you can start loving and enjoying life much more. It is so hard to abandon yourself in the arms of life, to stop trying to control everything, to let everything flow without stubborn hopes and expectations. Trust that everything will be fine.

But, when everything that has been has brought you to this point where the soul is looking for more, when it has had enough of suffering and sadness, maybe there is another way to live, one full of freedom and joy.

Fear of living, lack of confidence in life.....what is the answer? Maybe we love each other so much that nothing matters anymore. Let's let go of everything and abandon ourselves in love, in trust, ...would suffering still happen then? Who knows the answers?

I, for one, don't know them yet, and yes, it's hard, all this way....but when a wonderful soul is next to me, with so much love and dedication, it's as if everything lights up and warmth and a thirst for happiness enter my heart.

You can best teach people love when you are the example through which it flows, when you already live in freedom and joy. And Bogdan really has so many miracles to teach us, because he himself is already experiencing them. I am extremely grateful that he shares with me, with us, his experience, so beautiful, like a breath of fresh air, with so much warmth and love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3


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