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Consciousness Unleashed

Consciousness Unleashed

🐉 Consciousness Unleashed 🐉

Join us this Tuesday in our weekly podcasts in which we discuss everything related to going through the natural process of Realization. The ups and downs, the good, the bad and the ugly, plus some breathing to spice everything up!

Covering topics like what is a spiritual awakening, the dynamics between energy & consciousness, what is beyond the hypnosis of the mind and how life of a conscious being can look like.

We are sharing everything we experienced over the many, many lifetimes and years being in this process of Realization / Enlightenment - on the free Actio app.
Grab a coffee or a tea, sit back comfortably and just tune in with Elléyah & Master Be.


When? - 💫 Every Tuesday and Friday at 8.30 pm CET💫

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Available Sessions

All sessions are 1 HOUR Long

~ No need to suffer to release something ~

27 September 2022


A very clear and beautiful session where it’s shared very clear that You don’t have to suffer at all to release something (pattern, belief system, wounds, etc.)

Doubt is a very common energy form that guides not only the normal just-human-beings, but also plays a big role for those on their journey into realization.

In this session Elléyah and Master Be discuss about how doubt finds her way in the mind, how it can make you believe that in order for aspects to integrate, you – the human – have to work at it, suffer with the story, or have the perception that if you allow yourself to feel the emotions/aspects/ belief systems, then they have the power to create your reality.

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~ The Relationship between Consciousness and Energy ~

23 September 2022


A session where Elléyah and Master Be further discuss the ways the sexual energy virus of consciousness affects the dynamics in relationships. They gave examples of how to become aware of your own feeding games and then with others. After these realizations, saying No More becomes very easy.

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~ The story of the Masculine and The Feminine and why it’s time they came together ~

20 September 2022


In the context of discussing ‘energy feeding’ – what it is, how it happens and, most importantly – Why it happens – we had address this from a bigger picture perspective. So big, that Master Be goes on and presents, in the form of storytelling, the beautiful story of how Masculine & Feminine Archetypes appeared.

It is a deeply sensual experience, for those that allow themselves to feel into it, as the story starts at the ‘beginning’ of Creation, and ends with a deeper understanding of why there is the energetical feeding going on, and how one can stop this imbalance between the Feminine & Masculine in their lives.

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~ Feeding & Energy vampires ~

16 September 2022


Energy feeding is something that’s happening on a daily basis in all human’s lives.

Whether it’s complaining, finding excuses, looking for attention, trying to save the world, gossiping or a lack to set up boundaries – it all boils down to energy feeding.

In this session Elléyah & Master Be give examples of energy vampires, discuss energy dynamics, answer questions from the listeners and provide a bigger picture perspective upon feeding.

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~ Why Are You Here? ~

13 September 2022


The session tonight invites the listener to take a very seriously look within and answer the question: Why am I here?

In the context of everything that is going on on planetary scale, this question is more important than ever.

Elleyah and Master Be then discuss the reasons you’re not answering this question & the fears that keep one from jumping into the loving arms of their Soul.

One of the most important issues that was addressed was why you have to let go of loved ones and what are the implications.

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~ Boredom, Passion and Jobs ~

9 September 2022


In this session Elleyah and Master Be continued with more signs and symptoms of the spirituak awakening. Two important subjects they toucher upon were Boredom, the Loss of Passion, and the very often situation when you either lose your job or feel you want to quit it.

They go into great details about why this happens, how to handle it, helping the listeners understand and apply it to their own life, to their own situations.

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~ Signs of Awakening and Merabh of being in your Truth ~

6 September 2022


Are things starting to change in your life? Do you have pain in your body, especially head, shoulders and back? Do you wake up in the middle of the night? Feeling a deep sadness or crying without a reason? Chances are you might be going through a spiritual awakening!

Elleyah Rose and Master Be are addressing the common signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening, and as always offering personal life experiences that you can relate to.

They go into the depth of what is actually happening to your physical body during these times, why you feel like going crazy and what it actually means that your awareness is expanding at deep levels.

The session ends with a deep and profound conscious breathing experience led by Master Be, where the listeners are guided into feeling into and opening up to their own Truth.

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~ The beginning of Magic at the start of Awakening ~

2 September 2022


Awakening might not be the most pleasant experience to go through – given all the changes that take place – but it also has it’s beautiful and magical parts.

The euphoria of new discoveries, the aha moments, the understanding of why you had to go through some of the experiences…the beginning to feel energies around you and a new sense of clarity settling in – are just a few of the Magical parts of Awakening.

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~ The Importance of taking time with yourself ~

30 August 2022


As a follow up to the previous session, when listeners were asking how to become aware of the dramatic games in their lives, and how to stop them, the answer that came was to take the time with self, a time of disconnecting from the outside noise and reconnecting to one’s knowingness & intuition. This is especially important Now, as the planet is going through so many changes and the noise, chaos and drama is louder and louder.

Elleyah and Master Be discuss about the challenges one encounters as they choose to be with themselves, in silence, they give their own examples of how it was for them, how they went through it and the benefits that taking this sacred time with oneself brings.

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~ No drama, what is drama, where does it come from, why its important to release it ~

26 August 2022


Normal humans fill up more than 90% of their time with drama – whether it’s from watching movies, series, the news, or causing and acting in the family drama, with their friends and co-workers.

What is drama? Why do people love it so much? And why is it important to step out of it, in order to have a conscious life? Elleyah and Master Be discuss about the victim, abuser and savior archetypes, they go into details so that the listener can better understand the energy dynamics between these, so that one can identify this type of behavior within themselves and in the life around them.

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~ Taking responsibility for your choices ~

23 August 2022


Elleyah and Be go through a short overview from last session about choices and continue with the importance of taking responsibility for their choices. Whenever one makes a conscious choice, a lot of old energies, memories, traumas will come up to the surface to be addressed – and this is the point where many people stop, back away, and instead of taking responsibility for their creation, they choose to go back to an unconscious life, or, even worst, they start to reenact, on the stage of their life, all the wounds that come up to the surface.

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~ Conscious Choices  ~

18 August 2022


Many people don’t even realize they have the option to make an actual conscious choice. They live their life allowing astrology, numerology, luck or destiny to guide and create their life for them, but this is actually based on a complete lack of responsibility for one’s life and creations.

In this session Elleyah and Master Be talk about the dynamics of making conscious choices – from an energy standpoint, what actually happens when you make a choice, how the youniverse works and rearranges itself to serve your choice, what might come up and how to deal with all that.

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~ What is Awakening ~

13 August 2022


This session is an overview of the pre-awakening phase and the actual awakening (Dark Night of the Soul) period – which both can last from a few years to a few lifetimes. Elleyah and Master Be offer their personal real-life examples and experiences from those periods, which help the listener realize on a deep level what they are going through right now, or what they were going through in the past.

It is an exciting sharing for those that have made their choice, deep in their heart, or the Soul made the choice for them (through an accident, a loss of a dear one, a serious disease, etc) – to remember on a deep level who they really are, beyond the mind, the body and the limited human experience.

Awakening is basically a clearing of all the stories, traumas, memories, experiences you had and your Soul has had, a distillation of all these into the sweet Wisdom of the soul.

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