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Conscious Relationships

Conscious Relationships

What can a conscious relationship look like?

Well, first we have to discuss & address the main issues in a relationship, like lack of trust & communication, compromises, personal traumas, feeding, blaming etc as these are the things that keep one from having a conscious relationship.

I heard this so many times - that you have to work at a relationship - and that is not true at all.

After we discussed these, we will take a look at the amazing potentials that await you in a conscious relationship.
& we'll talk about how things can flow with ease & grace & no effort at all.

Join Elleyah & Master Be and let's explore all this together! 😍


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All sessions are 1 HOUR Long

~ The Story of Creation – The Masculine and the Feminine ~

22 September 2022


A session where Elléyah and Master Be further discuss the ways the sexual energy virus of consciousness affects the dynamics in relationships. They gave examples of how to become aware of your own feeding games and then with others. After these realizations, saying No More becomes very easy.

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~ Sex, Guilt and Shame. ~

15 September 2022


How to release the guilt and shame around sexuality?
What is the purpose of sex?
Where do likes and dislikes (preferences) come from and how to let them go?

In tonight’s session Elleyah & Master Be answered questions from the public and explained the deeper meaning of what making love.

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~ Sex and Intimacy in Conscious Relationships ~

8 September 2022


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~ Suffering in Relationships ~

01 September 2022


Yet another great livecast we had tonight, in which we (Ely and Be) addressed the energy of Suffering in Relationships. 💕

We talked about how suffering manifests into one’s life, how it can cause you to find yourself in abusive relationships, how it stops you from being your greatest most creative version of you … how it teams up with guilt and shame & loneliness and creates a ‘delicious’ cocktail of unworthiness.

The energies in this session are very strong and the opportunities for becoming aware of all the traumas and wounds that create your life are simply amazing!

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~ Addressing the stuck energies in the belly ~

25 August 2022


In this wonderful session we shared about how stories get stuck in the belly area and why it’s important to address them. These stuck energies are in all humans as we all have both the masculine and the feminine energies within and the experiences from other lifetimes that come with them.

After giving examples of how experiences can turn into traumas and get locked in the belly, the last 30 minutes are reserved for a deep and beautiful Breathing Session in which you have the opportunity to release or at least start the process of releasing these old stories that influenced and sometimes governed your life.

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~ The Masculine and Feminine imbalances ~

20 August 2022


In this session in particular, Master Be and Elleyah discuss about the general standards that society holds for a man and a woman in a relationship, give personal real life examples, and for the last 30 minutes, Be holds a conscious breathing experience where the listeners – regardless of their gender – get to release the stuck traumas, the stuck imbalanced sexual energies from the belly.

It is well known that women hold all their suppressed emotions, traumas, rapes, miscarriages, sexual experiences in their sexual organ – which is what usually causes them to experience painful menstrual cycles. Men also hold sexual wounds in that area, and is manifested through problems with prostate, the inability to maintain an erection, impulses to rape and be aggressive towards women.

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~ How family influences our lives ~

16 August 2022


In this session Elleyah and Master Be dive deeper into the dynamics of how outer factors, and especially the family construct, holds a major influence in your development and evolution as an ‘individual’. They offer real life self-examples that inspire the listener to look within, at his/her own life, beliefs, patterns, likes and dislikes and to realize that the majority of these aren’t the real definition of who they are.

Once a being starts this fascinating process of self-discovery, through the simple awareness and acknowledgement of a pattern, it can be dissolved. If you’re ready to peel off layers and layers of who you are not, and start discovering who you truly are, this session is a great inspiration.

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~ What does a conscious relationship actually looks like? ~

12 August 2022


Normal relationships are usually based on feeding, needing, lack of self-love, lack of trust, and on the fact that one is always looking for the other person to make them feel complete. The high expectations from one’s partner to act a certain way, in a way that actually feeds their wounds and in a way that they believe will bring them happiness.

So how do you go from all that – which is what you see all around you, what you’ve seen and took as normal from your family, from the mass consciousness and from movies – to actually being in a healthy, conscious relationship?

What are the characteristics of a conscious relationship? How does one behave? How do you go from needing and feeding from the outside, to receiving your own self-love? How do you go from trust issues into opening fully to all life has to offer?

These & more questions are answered in this hourlong session with Elleyah and Master Be.

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~ Drama & Feeding in Relationships ~

09 August 2022


Most people don’t have the awareness that all the energy they need comes from within, and that they don’t need to steal it from other people, in an inappropriate way. Not having that wisdom is what pushes them to play the games that you see all around you: engaging into conflicts, acting like a victim or a perpetrator, taking the role of the savior – basically all the interactions that are based on drama.

There is no room for such behaviors in a conscious relationship, and the way out is easy – you just stop it! It’s easier said than done, I know. Elleyah and Master Be discuss at a large scale the energy dynamics that take place in such games, coming with their own examples, which makes all these games easier to understand and detect whenever they happen in your life.

Seeing the bigger picture is what helps one in becoming clear within themselves, and choosing, at one point, that the time to say NO MORE to these very old energy games has come.

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