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Aloha dear friends!

Today I will talk a bit about a pattern I observed at some people in this amazing journey of Realization. And that pattern is that they had to create something very dramatic to stop their distractions, and many times, their self-destructing behaviors.

And I’m talking about awakened human-angels, not normal people. Beings that are aware of aspects, belief systems, patterns, the basics of how energy works, etc.

Sometimes they give themselves a broken arm or a broken leg, a disease or at least some suspicions of that, something that stops them in their tracks so they have the time and space to reflect at what they are putting on their stage of life and how some of those things are in direct opposition with their heart choices of freedom, love and, of course, Realization.

I remember even I did that (not totally dramatic though) and so I got a pretty deep insight of the dynamics.

And so, if you find yourself in this situation, I want to remind you that you really don’t have to go down that route. You Know what’s in your heart and what it’s appropriate to allow, to change and to let go.

And especially You Know when you should take time just by yourself to allow a deeper wisdom, a deeper connection with self and to move on to the New potentials that you (sometimes desperately) chose.

You can take a few steps back from everything and get clear – why are you here?! In which direction do you FEEL you want to go? What is knocking at your door and you’re not answering? What is ready to be released from your life but you are playing hide-and-seek with yourself and that potential? You know… be in your life as the Master you chose to be.

When you do this and you’re bold enough to be honest with yourself, when you Dare to listen to your heart and stop the distractions, the running away from your Grandness, then you naturally get back to your own flow.

Here, there is joy, no drama of any kind, love, awareness like never before, presence, everything your heart desired, and ALL with no effort. Even in the delicate days.

So, dear friends, you don’t have to wait for the drama train to hit you to the next station. You can always step up your game, simply be and act as the Master, jump into the change with trust in your Magical Soul and all energies will serve that.

We are the standards others are looking for in this crazy world, so why not be the standards of grace and ease, of allowing Joy in our lives and living the most amazing potentials?! Especially for ourselves and by doing so, for them also.

I am Master Be,

Always a joy to share.

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