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Like with all other things there are many perspectives on what taking responsibility means. But my definition is to allow the presence and to manifest your freedom in this now moment.

I met so many other people that think taking responsibility means to take on the burdens of society, the wounds and stories of past lives, the family issues etc… but that only led them to more drama, to more stress, never getting to their true self and never understanding what consciousness and energy actually are.

So, for me, taking responsibility means to Acknowledge those stories, those wounds and energy patterns but also feel and understand that they Are Not Yours!

Yes, it is and it can be that simple. This doesn’t mean to ignore them, not at all. It simply means that you give yourself the gift of freedom NOW. No more waiting for things to be resolved before you can smile, enjoy life or even allow your Presence into your life.

And yet, they are there, influencing your mind and your life… so what to do?! Well, how about inviting your Soul, your wisdom, your shine to take care of it?

In my experience, the most efficient way of alchemy was when I got out of my way, I stopped running and distracting myself, and I allowed my Presence to come in. Then pure Magic happened! Then I discovered how easy it can be and that my responsibility was actually to be aware, to allow and enjoy my life.

I was never responsabile for controlling the issues and their resolution, because all energy seeks resolution… I just had to allow that pattern to return back to its natural state of being… I just had to stop playing those silly and limited games with myself so that energy could go back into neutrality and then come back to serve me in my grandness, in my joy, in my new choices.

And why is it so hard for some?

Well, because this means they have to stop their games, that they actually enjoy.

They would have to go beyond their victim games, feeding games, their “I don’t know” games etc…

So many people run from making choices and a huge part is because they hold in their hearts stories that tell them over and over again how bad things turned out in the past when they dared to be themselves, when they stepped into a direction that caused a trauma.

Another huge reason is the lack of self worth. Over the many, many lifetimes all of us had experiences that led, one way or another, to going depper into this wound of “I am not worthy”. Yes, it was there all along, from the angelic realms, but maybe, just maybe it’s time to go beyond it.

You can never find resolutions for issues like these on the outside, and inside it’s just chaos, traumas and pain. But when you Take Responsibility that indeed, It Is Not Yours and you invite your Soul, your amazing Presence, all these old wounds, all these old stuck stories start to change, dissolve and integrate back Home.

Yes, you might feel different sensations or even get sick, but when you feel and understand that it’s just the release of things that weren’t even yours, it is all joyful and clear.

So what do you choose? What perspective do you want in your life? How do you want your energies to serve you?

It’s all in the Now Moment, when you dare to Take Responsibility!

With joy and love,
Master Be

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