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I love to assist others in bringing in their own clarity about their own patterns, games and how energy serves.

In this morning’s talk we took a look at how nothing is what it seems…

The question that came up – why isn’t it happening?! I really chose from all my heart to let go of that and yet it still hunts my mind and dreams… why??!!!

And ahhhh I knew this so well… of course, because I remember playing it so many times in past lifetimes.

After a deep breath and remembering also the joy of this moment, of realizing the importance of being in that state, to ask such a question, we started to take a look at how energy is just in service.

Let’s say for example you really want to let go of family. Not because they are good or bad, but because you feel it’s time to feel your own self, your own sovereignty, your own energy and creation.

Then you make the choice and things start moving and happening but yet the energy comes back over and over again… in the mind… memories, thoughts and how you are such a bad person for doing this, in your dreams, reliving experiences you did with them… and the frustration comes about, then you get mad and open the door to that good old voice of you’re not good enough, you can’t do anything right, you can try but you’ll never succeed… and so on.

Sounds familiar?! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ahhh but what an amazing experience. You are letting go, you’ve started the process… but now it’s time to look deeper… what would imply to actually let go?! What would you have to really let go of?

Finances? Safety net? The feeling that no matter what someone will always be there? Especially if or when you’ll fail? Doubt? Sorrow? Guilt? Mercy?

If you choose and really allow yourself to be honest you will see exactly how that energy is in service and why it seems to not go away easily and gracefully.

In the past and even in this moment it’s a lot easier to fight with letting go of family than it is to step into freedom and creativity. It’s a lot easier to play the I don’t know game and I’m a victim of my mind than taking responsibility for your life and taking a look at the guilt, doubt and lack of trust.

Why do I say it’s easier? Because you know them. Because they are all around and in mass unconsciousness. Because many times the default was compromise instead of jumping into freedom no matter what.

Bringing clarity to this, allowing yourself to be honest with what is in your heart lets the resolution flow, it allows you to finally stop the fight within and actually start loving yourself, accepting yourself, stepping gracefully into the new, to see the new potentials and creativity without any fight or drama.

What amazing moments… ahhhh I remember when I was here… the struggle, the release and then the joy!!!!… just amazing.


  • Elena says:

    Tocmai cautam aceasta informatie de ceva vreme. Dupa 6 ore de cautare continua pe Google, in sfarsit am primit-o pe site-ul tau. Ma intreb care este lipsa strategiei Google care nu plaseaza acest tip de site-uri informative in fruntea listei. In mod normal, site-urile de top sunt pline de gunoaie.

    • Buna Elena. Ma bucur ca ai gasit ce cautai pe site-ul meu. Sper ca si celalte articole si video-uri (de pe youtube) sa te incante. Daca ai vreo intrebare sau vrei sa impartasesti ceva, ma gasesti cel mai usor pe facebook. O seara superba!

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