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In this experience of receiving You, your Essence, of releasing soooo many stuck energies, wounds and stories, one of the most precious gifts you can give yourself is the simple Relaxation.

Taking some time for yourself with no distractions, no other people, no internet, etc., simply breathing, relaxing and allowing a very natural process to take place… All energies start to balance, the stories start to dissolve and eventually even the mind starts to love this new quiet and creativity. Joy, Clarity, Wisdom, Abundance …. they are all there!

Sounds easy, right? But interestingly enough usually there is such a huge resistance to this. Distractions upon distractions, never getting to actually doing this even though you know and feel its effects.

This is somewhat normal as there are many dynamics taking place and each pattern, each energy design, each belief system has its own gravity, pulling in energy, again and again, to be manifested.

This is one of the reasons I created this Breathing & Relaxing experience. Now it is time to allow the change of these patterns, to just sit back and allow me & all energies to serve you, to gently remind you of this precious and amazing gift from You to You.

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