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Ahh this dreaded question that keeps coming over and over again from my clients.

Why is it not happening? Well, there are quite a few dynamics going on here and I want to address some of the most important ones.

First of all, please understand that this is Natural Process that TAKES TIME. So many people want it now, and it is an amazing perspective and attitude that moves mountains, but sometimes it simply takes time for soooo many things to dissolve, disintegrate, integrate and whatever else they need to do.

This is important especially in the early stages of Awakening as many things have a slower and gentler pace of change. (not all)

Imagine lifetimes and lifetimes of stories and patterns stuck in the DNA… they do change but it would be catastrophic to the human mind and body if they released all at once and in a very short period of time.

I know that many times it can be very frustrating because you know the change, you can feel that it is there, you can feel your Presence and yet at the human level it’s not there yet.

Patience, dear and amazing being. It is happening, and your Soul knows exactly when and how to bring it in the human experience, in the most wonderful way possible.


And this brings me to another energy dynamic that blocks things or at least slows them down – the belief that you have to control it.

For me, now, it’s very funny to imagine the little human, with its extremely limited perspective, trying to control this grand process and think it has to, otherwise it is not happening.

I say now, because I also tried to do it, many, many years ago, and I look with fond and smile at those memories.

So, dear being, I invite you to actually jump into Trust and allow the Soul, your amazing Presence to take care of everything. All you have to do is Smile, take some time to Breathe and simply Allow with No Expectations, and of course Enjoy Life! Live! Have Fun! Dance, Sing, go in nature, whatever makes your heart sing!

How about this for a change?

And this brings me to my next chapter – Letting go of the old way of doing things.

Many of us have been in temples, churches, etc. and we have / had a deep belief that things work and have to be in a certain way. This applies especially to this natural process of integration.

After suffering so many lifetimes and denying the body and whatever else you did there (and you believed you still had to carry those stories), now you are faced with letting them go. But the issue is that you identify with it and thus the conflict.

Why you have to let them go? Because they ultimately don’t go anywhere. They are just stories of experiences and there are MANY other ways of doing it, especially ALLOWING.

Now, when presented with this Amazing and New potential of simply Receiving Yourself and enjoying life, in order to simply step into it, you have to let go of these old and stuck stories. You can’t take them with you as they are in contrast with the ease and joy of the new gifts waiting in front of you.


Another reason as to why it’s not happening, and many times the most important, is that you’re not taking responsibility for your Now Moment.

It is a bit similar to what I previously discussed, but it’s a lot more.

What does this mean? Well, taking ownership of This Now Moment. Stop identifying with the voices and stories that are coming up to be released, Stop going into the head  when all you have to do is just Breathe and Allow everything to dissolve.

In this Now Moment you can choose if you still want to play those old games or not, in This Now Moment You can choose if You jump into the New, no matter what, or not. Here, there is total Freedom available with no limits.

Here, you can clearly see all the dynamics, all the patterns and everything else that you have the tendency to feed and therefore keep in your life. But you can also see that you don’t have to keep anything with you, that you can honor everything and simply let go.

It is so simple and so easy and yet very few allow themselves this gift, very few make it this easy.


At the end of the day, it’s just about making a choice from all your heart, open to anything and everything that follows, stepping back from control and simply receiving Everything that comes after. It will be energy serving you, custom made by the best tailor ever – your Soul. She knows you better than you will ever acknowledge as a human and can’t wait to join you in your life. This means things you can’t even imagine, but so amazing you’ll finally feel and know who you truly are.

Enjoy life dear Masters!

Biggest hug ever,

Master Be.


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