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Everything is changing and relationships are a natural part of this. But being aware of old dynamics and how they need to change can be such a magical experience.

Some of the old and unbalanced ways of connecting one to another are because of old wounds, old aspects like the lack of self worth, the need for love, affection and attention, old karmic stories that come back in a new lifetime and so on….

But underneath all of them, there’s the desire and opportunity for resolution.

When you encounter them, THAT moment has the potential for amazing freedom.

In this beautiful but many times provocative journey of allowing self, you must take a look at all these stuck energies and release them. (Sooner or later)

You can’t take them with you as they are not part of a beautiful, natural and truly loving relationship with self.

A clear expample – in the past a person might seek intimate relationships because of the lack of love and attention they had as a child.
(And other lifetimes). And this transposes in very imbalanced partners, full of drama and feeding, seeking the “perfect relationship”, never getting enough attention, getting aroused by manipulation, protection, money, power games, “perfect body” syndrome, alcohol, drugs…. etc.

Those were old types of things that brought people together.

Of course, these are a bit extreme but they serve as clear example here.

And now, with the transformation that has been going on at very deep levels, there are great opportunities to discover the New Values, more clear than ever.

Now, more than ever before, there are the potentials of true heart to heart connections, beyond the physical appearance, to actually feel the Presence of the other person without need or feeding, to understand that it’s about the love of self first, to take responsibility for your life, and then a balanced relationship flows with no effort or drama.

Now, it can be with an open heart and totally honest because you allowed that in you.

Now it can be with full compassion & wisdom because that’s what what you chose and feel for your self each and every moment.

Now it can be truly loving because that’s what you’ve allowed in your own heart.

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of assisting so many others and to see amazing life transformations when they took responsibility, looked within and then allowed the release. Then their lives became a reflection of the beautiful flow from within.

It is Now & Here, Amazing Potentials just waiting for the Master to receive them and enjoy.

With Joy,

Master Be

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