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I’ve seen this so many times with my clients and friends – resisting life, resisting change, denying that they love playing that game, getting lost in the mind about certain things.

But is is all very, very simple – If it’s there, in front of you, in your life, it is serving you.

How is energy serving you? Well, it depends on what is appropriate in the Now, in your life.

Sometimes it might take the form of unexpected gifts, life a new friendship, simply being in a wonderful synchronicity everywhere you go, with no effort or thinking, projects and clients simply knocking on your door.

Other times it will take the form of a stuck energy in you heart, a wound that it is time to address. This is ALSO in your wonderful flow. The human might think it did something wrong, but not at all!

When it is time to address a bad relationship pattern, this will come in you life over and over again. If you have money issues, and you chose from all your heart to let them go, lack might just explode in your life. If you have authority issues, of course you just might encounter issues with the boss or police in your life.
But dear friends, they are there in service. If you fight them, you’re just denying sovereignty. YOU called them to the surface, YOU made such huge changes in your heart that you uncovered them, and they were drawn to you for the release, for the resolution.

So you see, it not something bad, it’s actually an amazing opportunity for Huge releases and it might just be the end of that pattern.

What to do in these situations? RECEIVE! Open up even more, bring in your light, your wisdom, your Presence and allow the release, the transformation. Take responsibility for Your Now Moment. You are creating everything for your freedom, for your Realization. And this is absolutely part of it.

With joy,
Master Be

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