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You are never stuck in a story. Instead of trying to fix something, just hop into the AND of You, the multi-existence, amazing being that you are… it’s that simple…
Many people think they have to follow a certain road, way of doing things, especially in the spiritual realm. And this is not the only truth, not at all. There are many, many ways of doing the same thing, many perspectives and approaches.
For example – you can use others as mirrors to see the traumas, wounds and stuck stories that live in your heart.
When you go into the AND, you realize there is also a way to just be done with all of them in an instant. There is one version of you totally free, with no stories.
Simply putting your consciousness there, breathing and allowing in this point of existence changes absolutely everything in the physical realm… no more processing, no more suffering, no more dramatic mirrors and all of that.
Live can be sooo simple, joyful and easy. You can’t work your way into this… but you can always AND it, allow it and then enjoy the heck out of it!

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