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One of the hardest things in Awakening, if not the biggest is the destructuring, the letting go (willingly or unwillingly) of everything you think you are, all you hold dear and absolutely everything you don’t want to admit that you play.

I was talking with a friend today and through his story I remembered how hard it can be. Months or even years of the same old patterns, coming up over and over again, trying to find resolution in the outside, in the mind or simply playing them again and again.

But what is this exactly?!

Well, in the natural process of Enlightenment, you have to let go of everything that is not you. And as you are Consciousness, you have to let go of everything. Simple as that, extremely hard as that.

Everything needs to be cleared, destructured from the old energy patterns so that it can be recreated to serve you in your New Journey.

Imagine this – when you wake up, the aspects are waiting for you to whisper in your ear who you are, what your mood should be and what you must do. And guess what?! The natural tendency of the human is to believe them. These include past lifetimes, family patterns, energies from mass unconsciousness, your identity and so on…

But what if one day you wake up and there are no voices?! What if you Allow yourself to be that free that you get to choose who you are today, how your mood is and that maybe you don’t want to make any plans. What if you give yourself so much freedom, love and joy that you Feel instead of thinking.

This is the natural outcome of the destructuring – freedom to choose Who You Are. This is the I Am That I Am. Freedom from any structure, fluid and malleable in each and every moment.

But until this magnificent moment, ALL aspects and energy patterns, all connections and ties will come up to the surface, in your heart, mind, body and exterior to be released, cleared and wisdomized. All energy seeks resolution and sooner or later they will have it.

The issue is when you have that wonderful part of you that knows and chooses Realization, but you also feed aspects and compromises or simply don’t want the games to be over. Then it gets confusing, then it hurts and things just happen to you. Then you are not the Creator anymore, but a victim of the universe.

But this leads to a very important question – Why Are You Here?

You say you want Enlightenment / Realization / the Soul … but are your actions really mirroring that? Are you listening to your heart and Allowing yourself to go through this intense process of Destructuring with each and every opportunity?

Don’t get me wrong – you are free to do and choose whatever you want. But I’ve seen this so many times – You can’t do the same old things and expect a different outcome. That’s the definition of insanity and it simply doesn’t work.

If you don’t want to let go of something, at least you can be clear about it and then there is no more confusion. But also, don’t expect big changes in your life. This eliminates some of the frustration and part of self-judgement that you are not good enough.

Case and point – each day energies come up to the surface – you go to the supermarket and lack comes to play in your mind. You start counting your money and instead of listening to your heart what is appropriate for you, the mind takes priority and you end up compromising and eating things that don’t serve you in joy and balance.

Or old wounds about relationships and abuses come up in the body and mind with emotions, memories or simply a circumstance in which the other person does something to trigger these. And instead of taking responsibility and then taking time to Allow the release, you act them out and everything gets even more wounded, the present relationship becomes just another story with the same old patterns, just a different face.

It is ALWAYS up to you – what you choose in the Now Moment, Why are things happening in your life, What is Really going on?

Same old stories or great opportunities for release, change and finally Freedom?

It’s Always Your Choice!

I Am Master Be,

In Joy and Freedom!

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