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This session is an overview of the pre-awakening phase and the actual awakening (Dark Night of the Soul) period – which both can last from a few years to a few lifetimes. Elleyah and Master Be offer their personal real-life examples and experiences from those periods, which help the listener realize on a deep level what they are going through right now, or what they were going through in the past.

It is an exciting sharing for those that have made their choice, deep in their heart, or the Soul made the choice for them (through an accident, a loss of a dear one, a serious disease, etc) – to remember on a deep level who they really are, beyond the mind, the body and the limited human experience.

Awakening is basically a clearing of all the stories, traumas, memories, experiences you had and your Soul has had, a distillation of all these into the sweet Wisdom of the soul.