Conscious Relationships – Drama & Feeding in Relationships – 9 August 2022


Most people don’t have the awareness that all the energy they need comes from within, and that they don’t need to steal it from other people, in an inappropriate way. Not having that wisdom is what pushes them to play the games that you see all around you: engaging into conflicts, acting like a victim or a perpetrator, taking the role of the savior – basically all the interactions that are based on drama.

There is no room for such behaviors in a conscious relationship, and the way out is easy – you just stop it! It’s easier said than done, I know. Elleyah and Master Be discuss at a large scale the energy dynamics that take place in such games, coming with their own examples, which makes all these games easier to understand and detect whenever they happen in your life.

Seeing the bigger picture is what helps one in becoming clear within themselves, and choosing, at one point, that the time to say NO MORE to these very old energy games has come.

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