Consciousness Unleashed – Signs of Awakening and Merabh of being in your Truth – 6 September 2022


Are things starting to change in your life? Do you have pain in your body, especially head, shoulders and back? Do you wake up in the middle of the night 🌃 ? Feeling a deep sadness or crying without a reason? Chances are you might be going through a spiritual awakening!

Elleyah Rose and Master Be are addressing the common signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening, and as always offering personal life experiences that you can relate to.

They go into the depth of what is actually happening to your physical body during these times, why you feel like going crazy and what it actually means that your awareness is expanding at deep levels.

The session ends with a deep and profound conscious breathing experience led by Master Be, where the listeners are guided into feeling into and opening up to their own Truth.

Duration – 1 hour

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