Conscious Relationships – What does a conscious relationship actually looks like? – 12 August 2022


Normal relationships are usually based on feeding, needing, lack of self-love, lack of trust, and on the fact that one is always looking for the other person to make them feel complete. The high expectations from one’s partner to act a certain way, in a way that actually feeds their wounds and in a way that they believe will bring them happiness.

So how do you go from all that – which is what you see all around you, what you’ve seen and took as normal from your family, from the mass consciousness and from movies – to actually being in a healthy, conscious relationship?

What are the characteristics of a conscious relationship? How does one behave? How do you go from needing and feeding from the outside, to receiving your own self-love? How do you go from trust issues into opening fully to all life has to offer?

These & more questions are answered in this hourlong session with Elleyah and Master Be.

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