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Couple / Family Sessions


The group sessions are especially addressed to those that are in a couple or parent-child type of relationship.

In these meetings it’s not about who’s right or wrong, but about taking responsibility for your own life, for the wounds and beliefs that you might still have the tendency to project on the other person.

We will do this through conversations, breathing, choosing, inter-dimensional travels and / or in any way that’s appropriate for you in the Now moment.

In the space that we’ll create you’ll have the opportunity to unlock and release any pattern and any stuck energy you’ve encountered and that no longer serves you.

For an even more clear and graceful session I recommend you to do a list of questions and what exactly would you like to get clear about / where do you feel you’re stuck.

Duration – around 90 minutes (usually longer) so don’t make any plans.

Location – physical or online

Price – 200 EUR

Please contact me via the contact page or my facebook page after you have made the purchase to check for an available date, usually within the next 3 days.

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