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I know from my own experience how hard this entire journey can be and how easy it is to get stuck. With all these stories coming up to the surface, all these wounds and toxic mental energies, sometimes it’s just A LOT EASIER to open up to some assistance.

I also know that it might seem hopeless at times, but I AM HERE to remind you of Who You Are and Why You Chose to go through this, to shine my light so that You can allow YOUR beautiful clarity to come once again into your life.

No matter how stuck it appears to be, if you are clear that you want change and you are prepared to let it go, I’m sure we can create something AMAZING!

We’ll do this through conversations, breathing, choosing, interdimensional travels and / or any way that’s appropriate in that moment.

Duration – around 90 minutes (usually longer) so don’t make any plans.

Location – physical or online

Price – 200 EUR

Please contact me via the contact page or my facebook page after you have made the purchase to check for an available date, usually within the next 3 days.

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