Conscious Relationships – The Masculine and Feminine imbalances – 20 August 2022


There seems to be this misperception that a woman has feminine energy only, and a man has masculine energy only. This is a lie, a great lie which is the root of the worldwide masculine & feminine imbalance. From this lie, preconceived ideas guide the lives of women and men altogether, where the female in the relationship has to achieve certain standards and the male has to provide.

Indeed, there is a global desire to get over this imbalance, hence the reason all the #metoo movements, feminism and so forth movements that are taking place.

The solution is easy – are you open to look at yourself as a being – a whole being – that contains both masculine and feminine energy? Are you willing to go beyond any stereotypes and allow yourself to express as both feminine and masculine, regardless of your physical gender?

Being so bold to do this opens the gate to a new level of Freedom.

In this session in particular, Master Be and Elleyah discuss about the general standards that society holds for a man and a woman in a relationship, give personal real life examples, and for the last 30 minutes, Be holds a conscious breathing experience where the listeners – regardless of their gender – get to release the stuck traumas, the stuck imbalanced sexual energies from the belly.

It is well known that women hold all their suppressed emotions, traumas, rapes, miscarriages, sexual experiences in their sexual organ – which is what usually causes them to experience painful menstrual cycles. Men also hold sexual wounds in that area, and is manifested through problems with prostate, the inability to maintain an erection, impulses to rape and be aggressive towards women.

Duration – 1 Hour

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