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Remembers in Awakening

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Hello dear Master and welcome to Reminders in Awakening.

In the process of Enlightenment there's a tendency for the energies to get stuck in the body and in the mind, which sometimes leads to a lot of energy-consuming thoughts, depression and forgetting what it's all about.

So I created these 44 distilled Reminders in Awakening in such a way that they come "randomly" to you in the Now Moment, with the perfect message. They come to remind you that it's alright, whatever is going on in your life in part of a natural process, to remind you to take a good deep breath and just allow, to remind you of You and All That You Are.

With Love,
Master Be

Reminders in Awakening

Reminders for the Human Angels that are going through the process of Realization

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I offer a wide array of services aimed at simplifying your life & Allowing your Presence

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In the space that's created you'll have the opportunity to let go of any pattern and any energy you're facing with and that no longer serve you

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Imagine the changes and potentials that would come into this reality before, during and after having ONE Month with You!

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