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Allowing You

All is Well in All of Creation

A sweet journey into simply Relaxing and Allowing You

The time spent by yourself and with your Self is the most precious one of them all, but sometimes you just want to pamper yourself and allow some graceful assistance from someone who knows how to guide & assist you in Creating a safe space, Relaxing and gently gliding deeper into You and All That You Are.

This is where I come in. This is one of my greatest passions. So I welcome you to Master Be's Soul Spa.

Feel you Here! <3

When - 29 December 2022, 20.30 CET
Duration - around 60 minutes (maybe more)

Online, on Skype. The link will be provided after the purchase.

If you want to participate in this graceful event, please choose one of the following energy exchanges (prices), based on how much you feel you want to offer:

What other say about this experience

I’ve always wondered how can I release the aspects in my life. And thought that the best way was to focus on them and spend so much of my time feeling them, hanging out with and getting to know them. And also fearing them though I wasn’t aware of that a the time. But this approach was accompanied with so much pressure and fear to the point that I didn’t want to know about them anymore. And felt like I couldn’t get away.

And I knew I needed to change that approach but I wasn’t very clear on how to do it. Until I met Master Be and his partner Elleyah and all their sessions on Actio helped me a lot to understand how to slow down and enjoy my embodied ascension process. Especially in the A sweet Journey into simply Relaxing and Allowing private session hosted by Master Be.

In that session I really experienced a level of relaxation and allowing that I’ve never felt before. Be guided us into the most relaxing, safe and intimate space that allowed me to meet my aspects in a different way. I allowed my soul to come closer to me and I invited her in all my being physical and non physical. She was in every molecule of my body and I was enjoying her company so much that I released so many aspects in that session. And she told me: see my dear, how easy it is when we are together. You don’t have to struggle or to focus so eagerly on those aspects or to fear them. All you have to do is allow our love to flourish and the energy will take care of the aspects. Finally, after months of worrying how to do it I let go of the believe of effort and understood how to release the aspects in the ease and grace way.

Is all about focusing my awareness in my love for my self and my creation.

Arleth Amador

The wonder team that reminds me of Norma and Garett. Elléyah Rose and MasterB. I shared with another dear one this sensing and he too feels the same. Strong presence of Quan Yin and Kuthumi, among others.😉

Conscious breath with MasterB takes you deep into essence of you. Beyond all BS. Deep relaxing and allowing. There you meet more of you. Soul just glides in and the blend of Human and Soul is Heavenly. This duo couple create a safe space and the opportunity to ground all in our own core. Our body as the chalice to recieve the Divine with all it’s wisdom and truth. Yes, open, vulnerable and consciously aware that there no one else but you. Brings home into here now the resolution of being beyond all perceptions, excuses and expectations. Key sense that you are the creator and therefore responsible for all your creation. Constant reminders that is unique journey, that only when you are ready to choose it, it can be amazing. Note, it is you and only matter what! Sovereign creator and the passion of your creations. Personaly it has incredible time. I have been down many paths with others, this couple's have a real down to earth approach, make it tangible and life changing. Spiritual falls away and reality becomes on going unfoldment of self. Seeing all the gifts clearly and having the compassion to accept and allow. Nowhere else to go or be. Grateful and Peaceful.

Simone Gouveia

I offer a wide array of services aimed at simplifying your life & Allowing your Presence

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