From Awakening to Realization – A complete guide into your Enlightenment

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A Complete Guide to Gracefully Glide from Awakening to Realization.



Enlightenment or Realization is the natural evolution of the human experience. Even though it’s literally programmed within your DNA, it is not an easy process, and it comes packed with many, many dynamics such as losing your mind, your identity, releasing everything you thought was true, and eventually realizing you were always realized.

It’s all good on paper, but the experience of going through it will sometimes leave you wondering what is going on and why is this happening to you?

This class is designed to answer most – if not all – of the questions about awakening and all the way to realization. It is designed to be a support for your everyday life, packed with wisdom, tools & instruments to help you easily navigate this beautiful journey of self-realization.

Hearing and meeting someone that has gone through it all, listening to their stories and seeing how they emerged out of it, can sometimes make all the difference.

This is truly a Complete Guide to Gracefully Glide from Awakening to Realization.


Episode 1 – What is Awakening? – 1 hour 13 min

Master Be talks about the pre-awakening and the awakening period of the human. He shares what it was like for him, what are the common characteristics and puts everything into a broader perspective, so that those that are going through this period can handle it with more Ease and Grace. Contrary to normal belief, awakening is not only a sweet and gentle period, but also a harsh cleansing of everything you thought was you and true.

Episode 2 – It can be Easy – 40 min

Master Be shares his beautiful story – the beginning of his conscious awakening. It’s truly an inspiration for those that are still dabbling between (choosing) a fully conscious life and a normal human life with spiritual aspirations. This episode gives the viewer an opportunity to choose for herself/himself whether this path of Awakening leading to Realization is for them or not. When the Choice is made, the drama is replaced by Ease and Grace.

Episode 3 – The dynamics of the natural process of Realization – 1 hour 6 min

The struggles of staying on the journey of remembering who you are. Whether it’s the ‘one more coin syndrome’, comparison aspects, doubt or suffering… there are some magnificent ways to go through it, like appreciating yourself, accepting the stuck stories that show up and many others. Master Be also explains the simple physics in the energy dynamics of aspects, lack, unbalanced relationships, disease and how energy is always serving you. All these are but distractions, so ultimately it boils down to one simple question, and only You can answer it – are you ready to go beyond?

Episode 4 – Very Helpful Instruments – 1 hour 29 min

Imbalances, Limits, Stuck Energies, Belief Systems, Aspects, etc. – How to gracefully allow the release and Integration. In this Natural Process there are some very important and simple Instruments that can assist you in your journey. He speaks about the importance of the Breath and the symptoms that might show up as you go deeper and deeper into you, such as dizziness, physical releases, tingles in the body, anxiety sensations, mental and physical distractions and many, many more. And, of course, one of the most important things – how The Conscious Breath can be your greatest gift in these delicate times.

Episode 5 – My story – 1 hour 33 min

Master Be shares his story, starting all the way from life before awakening and what led to his awakening, the struggles and the things he had to let go of. He shares his wisdom and perspectives on the things he encountered in his journey – things like letting go of lack, obsessive patterns, sexual addiction, energy feeding and so much more. You understand, by the power of example, how your life hasn’t really been your life until now. You start to see how you were running on programs absorbed from family, society, and traumas from all your past lives. Life actually starts to be yours, the moment you hit awakening. The more you let go of wounds and traumas, the more you make room to receive your true & free Self. Are you ready for it?

Episode 6 – The awesome things you can expect on this journey – 57 min

The journey of coming back to who you truly are, also known as realization or enlightenment might seem very hard at times, mind boggling and truly like a death. A death of the old you, a death of who you are not, for you to ultimately come to enjoy your (last) lifetime on Earth. In this session Master Be shares about some of the most amazing & magical things to expect on this journey, like true inner peace, freedom and abundance on many levels, no need for a job, the beauty in health, balanced and loving relationships, a huge silly smile on your face and in your heart, the opening of senses and living in many realities at the same time, and many more. It’s all about living a life without a purpose and allowing it to come to you.

Episode 7 – Integration – 1 hour 4 min

After sharing all the ups and downs of this amazing journey of Realization, now comes the time to relax, to take a deep breath, sit back and allow for the Integration of everything. A guided breathing experience to assist you in opening up to all the gifts this course offered and all the gifts from You to you, waiting to be received.

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  1. Raluca Galatan (verified owner)

    I finished the course and just wanted to send you a huge wave of gratitude. It answered many of my questions and it definitely helped me to keep going on this amazing journey.
    Thank you

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