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All Is Well in All of Your Creation

This year has so many potentials for transformations and especially for self love. Each day, each moment brings so many opportunities to release some very old stories and traumas, especially related to guilt, victim and abuse from eons ago all the way to this lifetime.

Yes, it can be very challenging, quite emotional and sometimes even overwhelming when all of these come up to be addressed, but it can also be in awareness and grace, in total compassion and maybe even love. A smooth experience, stepping into All That You Are.

And this is where this gathering comes in. When creating a safe space while sharing the stories of what we are going through (with the clear wisdom behind them) and maybe even breathing together as sovereign beings, this can remind you at a very deep level that All Is Well in All of Your Creation, it can ease the human and the mind in this crazy process of remembering everything, coming back to you and actually infusing more of you into you, in this realm.

Feel you there!

When - Sunday, 14 April
Time - 1 pm, London time, but it's flexible according to the participants. If you want another time, you can send me a message.

Energy exchange (price) - 20 euro or more (what you feel). Payment options will be provided after signing up, in private.

To sign up you can use the Facebook event and click "Going" or contact me via any social network.

Facebook link:

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