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Online Computer Assistance

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With Ease and Grace

Online Computer Assistance

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Computers are here to make our lives a lot easier, to allow us to connect and share, to provide entertainment and knowledge when needed. And they should do this smoothly and gracefully.

From Windows to Mac, Android to iPhone, any issue has at least one solution. So if something doesn't flow, doesn't work as it should, no worries, Online PC Services is here for you!

Services provided with 100% !!! client satisfaction:
- assistance over the internet in any part of the world
- Removal of viruses, malware and adware!
- data recovery (recover deleted files - documents, photos, etc.)
- making the computer run problem-free
- installing/uninstalling software or peripherals (printers, webcams, phones, tv, etc.)
- solving issues with drivers (ex: when things like your webcam doesn't show properly or your screen doesn't look smooth and clear)
- installing and configuring wi-fi routers
- Operating System installation/upgrade and recovery
- assistance in buying a new desktop or laptop (so many options out there but so few really worth the money as many have build issues or have old components)
- fixing your browser so you won't see ads and pop-up ads on websites, youtube or facebook
- assistance with showing you how to do the things you want to do on your computer
- upgrading/changing the software on your phone
- synchronizing and installing software on your phone
- any other service/issue you might have or think of related to computers and phones

Other Services:
- Webdesign (creating your website with intuition, patience and exactly how you want it)
- photo retouching
- video editing
- graphic design (logos, blending photos, etc.)

For bookings or if you have any questions you can send a message using the form in the Contact page or by mail: bogdan.onecic@gmail.com